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I came upon woodworking quite by accident. One spring in Ohio, we learned that a maple tree would not make it through the winter. My respect for the tree and the years it had stood, inspired me. I came up with a very rudimentary design of a ladder back chair out of the branches. The challenge and reward ignited a passion for wood craft. Thru study and the help of family, I was introduced to masters such as Sam Maloof and James Krenov, and the journey to bring life to my own designs begun. Never would my father-in-law, Craig, have imagined that I would adventure so far down the furniture making road that he started me on.

Creating is a privilege…

The Labor of creating a piece galvanizes it with a purpose, and the life history of every tree will continue to live in our homes as a unique piece of furniture. Each wood that I select has a vital connection to our environment and I seek out those with a distinct personality chosen from the best locally grown hardwoods*. Once my hands have left the work, it inspires me even more to see it “move along” in life; making room for the next creation I will begin. My skill is a gift that I’ve been given and I take great pride in sharing what I have with others.

* Each wood is harvested with sustainable, environmentally responsible practices.

Price quotes by request only, based on the product, product size, choice of wood and detail. Each piece is signed and dated with a new copper penny.

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